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A: If you havn’t got the key, then you won’t get the barrel out.
Either use a slide hammer(be careful not to brake the housing) or replace the entire steering lock assembly.

Q: What type of engine should i put in a toyota corolla 1990?
I have a toyota corolla 1990 that im working on i really haven’t done much all it has is high performance clutch (an ACT clutch). im trying to change the engine because my milage is goin to call it its up about ti 195489 miles. please help me out i need an engine for speed and performance.

A: Preferably one that works!

Q: What kind of key is Toyota Corolla 2007’s keys and how to program?
Hi, I have a toyota corolla 07 car and I wanted to get a third key as I didnt get a valet key for my car. I have a toyota 4d programmer, but have not used it yet. I wanted to know if anyone has used it? And if they could give me directions? I looked around online and they sell 4d master keys and 4d key, but they look alike. Does anyone know what the difference is? Thank you.

A: If that is the orange programmer, you are about to make a locksmith or dealer very happy to the tune of 4 figures.

Q: How do i change the headlight bulb in a 1989 toyota corolla?
I need to know how to remove the bulb from a 1989 toyota corolla and replace it as mine is burnt out. Also any idea what bulbs would be an appropriate replacement?

A: On the back of the headlight, turn the base of the light bulb holder and then pull it out. The wires on them should be removable on the base of the bulbs. To remove the bulb from the base turn the bulb and it should be easy to oull out then replace the bulb using the same process. Make sure you wipe the light bulb face so that you leave no finger prints on them, some bulb will burn out with prints on them. Hope this helps.

Q: The lights of my 2003 Toyota corolla comes on when the car is turned off, how do I keep the lights off?
The headlights&taillights of my 2003 Toyota corolla comes on when the car is turned off, every morrning @ 3 am the keys are not in the ignition. I can’t turn them off in the car unless I drive it around the block, then the lights shut off. How can I get the lights to stay off so I can get some sleep and, not run down my car battery?

A: It sounds like a software problem. It might be worth taking it to a dealer so they can plug in diagnostics equipment and trace the fault.

In the meantime simply disconnect the battery at the negative terminal when you park up and reconnect it when you want to start. Takes about a minute.

Good luck whatever you decide.

Q: How much would i get for a 97 Toyota Corolla?
Got a 1997 toyota corolla, great conditions, full coverage, the only problem is the transmition needs to be fixed and it has 207,000 miles.
About how much would i get for this car?

A: 1. That’s really high miles for the year. That’s about 20,000 miles a year, which is almost double what the normal person does. While it’s not high miles in itself, it’s the rate at which it accumulates those miles, that matter. This car has been driven into the ground.
2. You could have looked it up in KBB yourself, and take less than a minute to do. Not sure why you were unable to do that.

For a fair condition car (you say it’s great, but needing a transmission fixed, and having 207k miles, is NOT great), you’re looking at right around $2,000.

Considering that most people will be put off by the miles and the transmission problem….expect offers closer to $1500. And that would be reasonable to take for the car.

Q: I have just broke my Toyota corolla 94′ door handle in freezing rain.How can I fix it?
I have just broke my Toyota corolla 94′ door handle in freezing rain.How can I fix it?Is it self help kind of problem or I have to take it to Body work place to fix it?How much it would cost approximately including labor.If you have any knowledge please do let me know.Thanks.

A: Go to a do it yourself auto wreckers and look for a vehicle like yours with the same colour door handle and remove the door panel and then remove the handle yourself.

Hope that helps and best of luck.By the way it’s not a hard job and a good parts store may have a diagram or instructions that they can print out for you about changing door handles or buy a service manual.

Q: Can I convert a 1988 toyota corolla to a stick shift using parts from a 1994 celica?
Will a five speed out of a 1994 celica bolt up to the motor of a 1988 toyota corolla motor B21a?

A: check with jasper engine,s or any other engine rebuilder….they,ll have the spec,s……as long as bell housing pattern,s are the same , internal spec,s are the same & you have enough clearance & mounting is the same….other than computer issue,s….you should have no problem,s.

Q: How Accurate Is Ninth Generation Toyota Corolla’s Speedometer?
I mean at 100km/h(speedometer) what is the actual speed of the car? And is there any website where they have listed every speed like 50, 60, 70, 80km/h and their actual speed of the ninth generation toyota corolla?

A: Considering the tires are properly inflated and the right size, it’s going to be damn near dead on. Within a mile would be my guess.

Q: Where is the fuse box on a 2002 Toyota Corolla that controls the horn and reverse lights?
What fuse(s) on a 2002 Toyota Corolla that controls the horn and reverse lights? I have one that the horn or reverse lights don’t work.

A: most cars fuse box is above drivers feet some under hood same place drivers side some in glove box same on every car one or the other easy to pull a fuse look replace it only have like 12 of them only takes five minute to check them all just buy a set of fuses about 5 bucks then you will have all you need when or if they blow just pull one at time and look not so hard

Q: Where is the instrument panel fuse box on a 99 Toyota Corolla?
Where is the instrument fuse box on a 99 Toyota Corolla?

A: most are located under the dash on the drivers side
they are also commonly found under the hood usually on the drivers side
I’ve also found them on the side of the dash as well as in the glove box compartment
it will tell you for sure in your owners manual

Q: How do I convert a toyota corolla ‘97 to run from a gas powered to a vegetable oil powered vehicle?
Im an ex-navy engineer and my 2 other friends are both car engineers. I kind of have an idea of engines, but the other two guys are going to do the critical thinking part. We came to a halt when we realized we had no idea of how to convert a toyota corolla to run on vegetable oil. I researched, and most conversion package are only for diesel powered engines, but found none for unleaded fuels. so I need help, any suggestions would be appreciated.

A: Oddly enough, I’s just reading an article on this this morning, except it was an old Jetta. The key is that you have to start with a diesel engine. Not sure if Corollas even come in diesel. Said that you can order a kit and have your very handy friend or trained mechanic (sounds like that’d be you) install it. Once installed, You have to start the car with diesel fuel (to warm the veggie oil to proper running consistency), and after you’re done driving, you need to let the engine run on diesel again to flush the engine of the cooking oil (I think that has something to do with the higher level of biodegradability of the vegetable oil). I’ll try and find a link to the article for you.

Q: What OEM rotors should I use for 2004 Toyota Corolla?
I am considering replacing the brake rotors in my 2004 Toyota Corolla. Anyone have suggestions of what OEM parts to use as replacement?

A: Why OEM? Maybe the price won’t be too bad at the dealership, but autozone has a Duralast for 35.99 and a Beck Arnley for 86.99.

It really won’t make a difference which one you choose, since there are all cast iron. I have always buy the cheapest ones and never had any problems.

Q: How much should I expect from the price negotiation of 2007 toyota corolla?
I want to get a new 2007 toyota corolla, and I wonder how much I should ask a dealer for when I actually negotiate. A few hundreds or a few thousands under the invoice? are a couple thousands reasonable?

A: A couple of links for you:



Q: Can you return a Toyota Corolla that was purchased three days ago?
My daughter just bought a 2009 Toyota Corolla, 1/18/2010, and today,1/21/2010, Toyota has a majo recall on them for the gas pedal sticking. Very dangerous. Can she return the car? Thank you.

A: Just get the recall fixed! Its still a really good car. Dont return it. It’ll count as a voluntarty repo on your credit.

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