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A: Touring model gets you heated leather seats, navi, and bose system

Q: What is the best twin turbo for my 350z?
What brand will make my 350z with a twin turbo be the fastest with a stock engine?

A: There is not a Twin turbo system that works properly with out lowering the compression of your “stock” engine. Space under the hood is so limited and KITS are KITS they do not address all the problems you will encounter. I work on several single and twin turbo 350Z cars and none made it very far on stock motors before we pulled the motor ported and polished inlarged combustion chambers different forged pistons and valves valve springs. Oil pan extensions Carbon hoods with plenty of vents and hacked up front bumper covers to accomodate large inter coolers.

Q: What offer should I give for a 2003 nissan 350z?
I’m looking into buying a 350z. The one I like the most is a 2003 with 78,000 miles, manual, power everything and the basics like cd player etc. The list price is 12,995 I am paying cash, what’s the best deal I can get?

A: ask him if he will take 10,000$ and if he don’t take it he will prolly ask for about 11,000$ to 11,500$

Q: Whats the best navigation system to put in my 350z?
I just bought a 2003 Nissan 350z and it did not come with a navigation system. My head unit is damaged so I want it to be a cd player/mp3 player also What would be best thing to put in my little cubby hole? I have a budget of about 700-800 dollars for this little fix also.

A: Buy a decent compass and then get a good map or set of maps to go along with the compass. What do you NEED another electronic device for anyway? It is just another thing to take your eyes off the road, to distract you from concentrating on your driving, like cell phones already do with so many on the road. So the answer is: the best navigation system is a compass and a decent map and you can get both for under $20 total! As for the cd/mp3 player, why buy a new one if you already have one? And why buy a GPS with a built-in cd/mp3 player? As I understand it from a couple combined mp3/gps units I’ve seen, you can’t play tunes while using the gps and you can’t use the gps part if you are playing the tunes. Get a little FM transmitter for about $20 which plugs into the earphone jack and play the tunes through your car radio. And hey, wonder of wonders, you can listen to the tujnes WHILE you are using the compass and map!

Q: What do you girls think of a 2008 Nissan 350z? Girls only please, what do you say when you see one drive by?
I own a 350z and I am 20, I usually go for a cruise and girls look at my car all the time, what do you girls think of this car? In all honesty.

A: lol your are a f*ukin retard.

Q: I wanted to know if it is safe to punch out a catalytic converter on a 350z?
I just wanted to know if there could be any complications with me punching out the cats on my 350z?
I am about to replace them in a few months with aftermarket test pipes, but I also live in an area without emissions testing, soooooo……. I just wanted to know if it would hurt my car to do it?

A: Why would you want to do that??? You’ll always have a check engine light on, you’ll pollute the air more and its ILLEGAL to modify a federal mandate emissions control device.

Q: How much would it cost to replace the drivers side rear quarter panel on a 2004 350z with paint and labor?
How much would it cost to replace the drivers side rear quarter panel on a 2004 350z with paint and labor?

A: Try asking a body shop , not only do they give free estimates, but that is what they do for a living. Lot easier for them , then having us guess at the shape of your car.

Q: How to upgrade 2002 model Nissan 350z to have original rear view monitor ? ?
My 350z is 2002 model does not come with rear view monitor screen. Where can I buy that l rear view monitor as the OEM monitors will no fit the compartment enclosure well. Also where can i get parts to upgrade the steering wheels to have steptronic control buttons ?
Where can I buy the original/compatible rear view monitor to be on the same original position ?

A: Original equiptment manufacture OEM. Year model 2002 350Z was not introduced yet. That said steering wheel controls for transmission upshifts and down shifts? I would not be making and breaking electrical connections that close to the air bag. rear view monitor there are units that display in the car’s rear view mirror. Available on the parts aftermarket and camera on the licence plate frame.

Q: How easy would it be to change out my Bose System for an aftermarket system for my 350Z with navigation?
I have a 2003 350z and the Bose system is really horrible. I want to know if another 10″ sub fits in pretty easily, and if I’d be able to change components pieces at a time, or would it have to be replaced all at once?

A: go to www.cruthfield.com to get the answers you need,look for the 1-800 # call the professionals

Q: How much am I looking to spend to get a 99 Mustang V6 faster than a 2004 350z?
My friend is betting me that I can’t get my stock 99′ V6 Mustang faster than his stock 04′ 350z. I am wonding if I can do this and how much would I have to spend. Is it a good bet to take?

A: First off, there has never been a 2004 350z has never run 0-60 in 5.0 secs stock (think more like 5.5-5.7). Second, 0-60 means absolutely nothing to anyone that has any experiance racing what so ever, 0-60 was created by car companys as a way to trick consumers into thinking some cars are faster then they really are. The 2004 350z are relatively slow for the money you are speding on one. They run the 1/4 mile anywhere between 14.0- 14. 4 seconds. The 99 v6 mustang runs the 1/4 around 15.8. So we are talking about 1.5 seconds you need to cut. Like someone else said we are really comparing apples to oranges here. The 04 350z is like a $20,000 car while the 99 v6 stang is like a $6,000 car (depending on miles) so if you were to add the $14,000 savings back into the stang it would smoke the 350z. As far as what you would need to win, if you wanted to get there cheap and dirty you could do it with drag radials, exhaust, a tune, and a 100 shot of nos. The best way to go about it though would be to add a power adder (i.e. supercharger or turbo charger) For v6 engines, a turbo charger is normally the better choice. A supercharger though would be less money and still get the job done just fine. Like someone above said, Vortech makes a great supercharger for your v6 stang. If you dont go the power adder route you would probally need to add the works to get there. Full exhaust (from the headers all the way back), under drive pulleys, gears, a tuner, drag radials, cold air intake, injectors, and throttle body. With all of this you could probally make it close. Here is a link to a guy with a bad a$$ v6 stang, if you are serious about modding yours, he is the guy to ask. His is a 2005 but he started stock, then got it to a 13 second 1/4, then a 12 second 1/4, and now hes in the high 10’s.


Q: How to fix scratches around interior door handle on Nissan 350z?
Every 350z ive seen has these scratches around the door handle and around the radio. Is there a way to fix the scratches or do I have to just deal with them? They are on my door handle on the interior and on the little glove box thing by the radio. Its a 06 350z if that makes a difference

A: I’ve never had a problem when I had my 350. Just get the handle repolished …and get a new compartment door. Won’t cost much at all.

Q: Is it possible to install back seats in a nissan 350z?
I want a 350z sooooo so bad but the only reason I’m holding off is because of the lack of back seats. Is it possible to get back seats installed in this car?

A: Only if you can miniaturize your riders then you can throw them into the behind the glove boxes. 350z has no room behind the seats and cannot be made to have seats. The Infinity G-35 coupe has seats and is called the Nissan fairlady in Japan. In that car no one will want to ride in back either.

Q: Where can I find some photos of the 07 Nissan 350Z?
Just curious for some photos.
Some people have said the 07 350Z has been released to the dealers. I have checked two and they only had leftovers from 06.

A: Search around on this site and you will find a few pics of the ‘07 Nissan 350Z.
Here’s another;
Take care.

Q: What should i go with a sport bike or a 350z?
I have the choice of either keeping my ford taurus and my 2002 gsxr, or trading those for a 350z. Which one should i choose to go with?

A: I personally love the look of the 350z.

Ford Tauruses arn’t that great, I own one… But the bike is awesome…

I think you should get the 350z because I’m not a cycle dude, buttt… If you love it that much, you can roll with your taurus… lol.

Q: Where can I get a good, cheap body kit for my 350z?
Does anyone know where I can get a body kit that looks good, but is around $1000 or less for my 350z? Or if anyone knows where I can get a cheap front bumper, side skirts, rear bumper, fender parts, or rear spoiler, I would appreciate it!


A: Try looking in any tuner magazine. There are hundreds of ads in the back. You can find many good ones, and even some cheap ones. There no such thing as a good cheap body kit. You get what you pay for…usually! Good luck.

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