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I now drive a 2002 Hyundai Santa Fe. Is there a similar means to extract the Check Engine diagnostics without having to buy a scanner?

A: Nope. Anything built after 1996 is set up with an OBDII diagnostic system, and they wont “flash” codes. You can get your codes pull for free at your local AutoZone or O’Reillly’s, but without a scan tool that shows live data you’ll still be just pretty much guessing at which part to change. AutoZone will try to tell you which part you need, but they don’t know crap about crap, and they’re just trying to sell you a part you may or may net need. Pulling codes and swapping parts usually just ends up a waste of money and by the time you’re done you usually could have paid a shop to do the diagnostics for you.

Q: Can a 2007 Hyundai Santa Fe Limited pull a two horse trailer?
Hi! I have a 2007 Hyundai Santa Fe Limited and I was wondering if it could pull a two horse trailer and any adjustments needed to be made. Thank you!

A: It could probably pull an empty 2-horse trailer without any problems, but once you fill it with 2 horses and supplies you are going to damage your truck. The Santa Fe was not designed for heavy duty pulling and it is not safe to pull so much weight for your engine, transmission or brakes. I suggest buying a used full size pickup so that you don’t ruin your nice Santa Fe Limited. A large SUV like the Toyota Landcruiser or Ford Expedition could handle the job, but they are very expensive.

Q: How long will a Hyundai Santa Fe last?
I am thinking about buying a 2003 Hyundai Santa Fe that has 138,000 miles on it. I would drive it from Tucson to San Diego (~800 miles round trip) at most about once every other weekend. How long do you think it will last if I do regular maintenance on it? I’m a junior in college and will need it to last me for at least four years. Does this seem like it can work?

A: Depends how the previous owner took care of the car and how you will take care of the car, Personally, I wouldn’t trust a car that has more than 30k miles on it.

Q: Should I buy a 2008 Hyundai Santa Fe with Front Wheel Drive?
I live in Connecticut and am considering buying a 2008 FWD Hyundai Santa Fe. Would you recommend looking into an AWD model? We do have harsh winters here and hill-like terrain. However, I have always owned FWD cars and never had any major issues in the snow. So I am thinking sticking with the FWD model in order to save cost in the sale price of the vehicle as well as saving in gas mileage would be the way to go. Any suggestions?

A: you have not had a problem stay with the FWD

Q: How to update a Hyundai Santa Fe Sat-Nav?
How do i update a Hyundai Santa Fe Sat-Nav?
How do i find the service provider on the Nav menu’s?

A: Navigate the NAV menu and find out the NAV service provider. Contact them at the number given and get the updated CD to download on you NAV system. Hyundai doesn’t provide updated maps because their not the provider of the software.
Second option is to find it as a pirate program on the NET. Not the best choice though.

Q: Trying to find Hyundai Santa fe Accessories?
I’m looking to customize my 2004 Hyundai Santa fe, but the problem is, is that I cant seem to find any legit websites (besides ebay) that would have accessories. I know its not the most common vehicle to customize but I want to stand out from everyone else. I know there are parts out there because I have done my research on other customized santa fe’s.

Any help would be appreciated!

A: Original accessories for hyundai Santa Fe can be purchased or ordered at Hyundai Dealer. You said you want to customize your Santa Fe, to make it stand out or different from other, i suggest you go to a custimize auto shop. They can and might have different design of accessories for your Hyundai. Its better to go to customize shop rather than Hyundai dealer so you can really be different from other Hyundai santa Fe.

Q: Question about oxygen sensors on a 2005 Hyundai Santa Fe?
I keep getting a check engine light on my 2005 Hyundai Santa Fe, code 133, which indicates the upper oxygen sensor on the rear manifold is lazy. I’ve changed it twice and can drive it about a day before the light comes on again, same code. What gives here?

A: What kind of gasoline do you use? I can only go by what dealers have told me so you decide if this is correct. Every time I have changed one (other than Hyundai cars also) they ask what kind of gasoline I use and am told if I use gas with alcohol in it will cause the oxygen sensor to go bad. I now try to avoid gasoline with alcohol in it and so far no problems.

Q: How much does it cost to replace Shocks and Breaks on a Hyundai Santa Fe?
My fiance says my shocks and breaks need to be replaced on my 2002 Hyundai Santa Fe. Any idea how much this is going to run me? Like $200? $500? $1000? I am stressing out over this, and Monday couldn’t come fast enough for me to take it to the mechanic! I am really stressed out about this!

A: Brake Pads for all 4 axles will be about $50-100 for a quality brand. Shocks/Struts will run you about $250-400 depending on the brand you choose. Labor will be 4-5 hours at the typical $70-90 per hour. So, a minimum of $700-1000 should cover both jobs. You can find all these parts on http://www.tirerack.com http://www.tirerack.com/suspension/Susptabl.jsp?autoMake=Hyundai&autoModel=Santa+Fe+2wd&autoYear=2002&autoModClar=&brand=all
Since you have an older vehicle, I’d just go with the cheapest struts they have, a set of 4 KYB GR-2 Strut is only $228+ shipping.
Here’s a list of brake pads, http://www.tirerack.com/brakes/results.jsp?autoMake=Hyundai&autoYear=2002&autoModel=Santa+Fe+2wd&autoModClar=&brand=&perfcat=premium
Satisfied Pro Perform OEM Pads are $45 for both front and rear, I’d get them since they are OEM quality.

Q: Does anyone know how to temporarily override the on-board dvd player on Hyundai’s Santa Fe?
We’re going on a 10+ hour trip and it would be nice for my passengers to be able to watch a video.

Now, for those safety nuts who are going to instantly respond with one shouldn’t be watching a video when driving, I couldn’t agree more. However, there are other people who can see the video screen.

I’m not looking for anything that would void my warranty. I’m asking any other Hyundai Santa Fe owners who might be know how to get into “Service Mode” on their units.

Thanks for any and all help!

A: Here is the truthful answer: No one knows

Q: How do I Change Hyundai Santa Fe Wiper Blades?
I just bought some more blades for my 2004 Hyundai Santa Fe from Canadian Tire. I can’t seem to figure out how to get the old ones off and put the new ones on. Has anyone done this before who knows how the mechanism works? I’ve been out in the cold working on it twice for about half an hour each time and have had no luck at all figuring it out.

A: the hyundai is a good car despite what the other person has said. to get the wiper blades off there are a couple of clips on the wiper arms. push the clip in and move the wiper arm out. then depending on how the blade is secured it should just pull out.

Q: Planning to buy a mini SUV.Should i go for the CRV,Rav,Suzuki Grand Vitara or Hyundai Santa fe?
I am planning to buy a mini SUV.I liked the CRV but the high price for both Rav and CRV.How abt the less famous ones like Suzuki Grand Vitara.I was in Australia recently i saw many Suzuki’s Vitaras around i liked the styling and the 2.7 L engine than the 2.4L of the others.Another one is the Santa Fe. Hyundai seems to be making value for money cars.They have improved considerably as shown by many consumer reports studies.Having reliability comparable to Toyota’s. I have a 95 model Accord which was damn reliable.And i have a soft corner for Honda CRV.But they are so costly.Hondas & Toyota’s they charge a high premium for their cars.

A: Hyundai Santa Fe has really improved this last year. The 2007 model is INCREDIBLE. It is a great car with unbeatable warranty, great price and it is one of the safest mid-size SUVs out there. Check out this link for some safety info:


Q: How do I program 04 Hyundai Santa Fe remote entry fob?
I’m selling 04 Santa Fe for my 83 yr old aunt and she’s lost both remotes. I’ve found one on ebay but need programming instructions. Thanks

A: Turn the ignition from off to on three times within five seconds (don’t start the car). The indicator lights will both flash once. Then press one of the remote controller keys. Thats it.

Q: I’m all of a sudden missing the plastic roof rail cover for my 2001 Hyundai Santa Fe, can I get a replacement?
My wife and I recently noticed that one of the plastic covers was missing from the back of one of our roof rails for our 2001 Hyundai Santa Fe. Does anyone have a part number or know how we can get a replacement cover?

A: Check with the dealer, they have diagrams of the roof rack and you can point out the exact part you need. If it’s too much there, you can get the part number from them and search for the part yourself on ebay and other websites.

You can also visit your local junkyard, you might get lucky and find what you are looking for very inexpensive.

Q: how to fix headlight switch on a hyundai santa fe?
My high beams work but my low beams don’t on my 2003 hyundai santa fe. I checked both the bulbs and the fuses and both are good. So I’m figuring it’s the switch that’s gone bad. Is there a way to fix it on my own

A: Faulty relay?

Q: How much to repair deployed airbags in 2001 Hyundai Santa Fe?
I got in a minor collision and the airbags deployed in my 2001 Santa Fe there doesn’t seem to be much damage just scratched bumper and door along with the hood is not aligned right any clue on how much it will cost??
I got in a minor collision and the airbags deployed in my 2001 Santa Fe there doesn’t seem to be much damage just scratched bumper and door along with the hood is not aligned right any clue on how much it will cost?? During the crash there were no seat belts that were being worn.

A: There are specific items that are required replacement items when a deployment occurs or when an airbag light comes on…and there are some items that are “check only”. Check out the websites below for the EXACT answers to your questions including fault code charts and reset information. This site tells you exactly what needs to be replaced and how to access them (seat belts & all) on over 3500 cars. It’s a pay site ($14.95 / day), but it’s little money well spent to get the correct answers and to see exactly what you’re after…it uses pictures, not text, so you can see what you’re looking for.
This is the same website insurance companies and body shops use to determine what needs to be replaced.
Good Luck…it’s not too bad of a job & if your state allows it, used parts or parts from ebay should be ok
Lastly, here’s a page in this site that tells you which cars need a scan tool to reset the system and which ones can be done without it.

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