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A: costa mesa has an exotic car rental…but no info…but there is one in newport beach on pch

Q: I want a Hummer H2 for my 16th birthday?
how much do you think i should chalk up? what do you suggest?

A: Don’t listen to these people there jealous a person can afford this at 16 but if i were you I would suggest something small in the beginning like a nice civic or colbolt because hummers are a ton in gas and a pain to drive because there so big I personally drove one and its a big pain to maneuver but if you are looking for that first time luxery go with a nice lexus or BMW
GM who makes Hummer is going out of buissness also so that means Hummers Chevy GMC etc are going to be cheaply made and break down often.

And to the other people I know having a car at 16 may seem awkward to you but in this generation 16 year olds have jobs and responsibility’s that need transportation and you don’t know this girls situation so why are you presuming shes a brat Jealousy is what i see

Q: Looking for reason why a 2005 hummer H2 6.2 motor will not get out of its own way?
The motor runs, but barely and it will hardly move. Its like its pushing a wall. Seems like a fuel or airflow problem. Also seems like its running HOT but its not, we could smell something that was getting VERY HOT.. I am thinking maybe the CAT. Converter is clogged and wont let the motor breathe right. Could not see anything glowing red hot under the car. Any ideas??

A: If there were a fuel or ignition problem, you would likely see a check engine light. Perhaps you should check the wheel bearings or the parking brake adjustment. Lift each wheel and see if they rotate freely. Oh and by the way, unless you did a conversion, your 05 H2 has a 6.0 not a 6.2. The 6.2 wasn’t introduced until 2007 model year. Good luck!

Q: Where can I get a stretch H2 Hummer that is affordable and located in Massachusetts?

A: Try the craiglist, it has many auto deals. www.craiglist.com

Q: I have a 2008 h2 hummer and want to add IPOD to my factory head unit any help out there?
2008 with nav.

A: http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/2008-HUMMER-H2-DIRECT-IPOD-INPUT-AUX-W-TEXT-LEVEL-5_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQ_trksidZp1713Q2em153Q2el1262QQcategoryZ38636QQihZ008QQitemZ180234296673QQtcZphoto

check this out they have it for you

Q: How would you rate the H2 Hummer?
From 0 to 10 with

0 =Worst vehicle on the road. It is disgusting and should be banned!

10 = best car on the road, It is awesome and would like to own one!.
Comments welcome.

A: Tom the Dancing Bug said it all:


Q: so, the ferrari california and the Hummer H2 have the same fuel comsumption, which one would you buy?
having to choose between the two?

A: I would have to walk. I can’t afford either of those vehicles.

Q: How do I get the “check engine” light to turn off in my ‘03 Hummer H2? It only has 50K miles….

A: Definitely take it to an Advance Auto or AutoZone. They will check the light for free as opposed to taking it to a dealer where you will be charged for the same service. They might even be able to tell you some tricks to prevent the light from coming on again in the future without having to buy a new part.

Q: I inflated the tires on my 2006 Hummer H2 with helium to get better gas mileage (it improved by approx 5%)?
Will this increase the danger of having a blow out, or is there anything else I should be concerned about?

A: Helium or hydrogen, less curb weight = better mileage.

Q: Hummer h1 h2 and h3 price difference and off roading capabilities?
Can you compare them all?

A: Go to this link, it will tell you everything you want to know about the H1 H2 and H3’s.


The H2 is NOT based on the tahoe frame or chasis! The Hummer H2 has its own unique frame.


A fully welded ladder-type frame, with a modular, three-piece design that incorporates a number of hydroformed components, provides outstanding strength, stiffness and dimensional accuracy for H2’s chassis. The hydroformed front section helps create the H2’s high approach angle.

The front frame section incorporates a GM-first standard winch receiver. It is designed to handle an impressive 9,000-pound capacity winch for freeing a vehicle that’s helplessly grounded.

The mid-frame has a stamped-steel box section design, with inner and outer sections and a clamshell-welded configuration. Its strength and stiffness help minimize ride and body vibrations, contributing to a smooth ride on-road and providing the strength and stiffness required to handle severe bumps and jolts.

The hydroformed, short rear-frame section helps create a high departure angle. It is heavily reinforced in key areas for H2’s 8,600-pound GVWR capacity. The rear section incorporates a standard, integral trailer hitch receiver. Unlike with most SUVs (whose hitch receiver is added on), the H2’s is built right into the last crossmember of the frame rail and developed into the bumper. A Class 3 trailer hitch is standard.

Q: To do my part to fight global warming, how can I fuel my Hummer H2 with carbon-neutral bald eagle matter?
Yack, I mean the parts that are left over after I’m done grilling.

A: If you put it in a blender and reduce it, you should be able to add as much bald eagle matter to your tank as you want.

I understand that Platypus, Dodo, Unicorns and the odd Dinosaur are good to go also but you must take care to strain the bones. You don’t want a blockage now, do you?

Q: which car to buy 2008 Cadillac escalade or 2008 hummer h2?
ok well both gets the same mpg and cost to insure. although the Cadillac is better finished but the hummer well do i have to say?

A: You should also consider that such a car may be expensive to insure. Check your insurance rates before buying one, for example here – carinsurance.yoll.net

Q: What Do You think is a cooler vehicle overall? A Dodge Ram SRT10 Viper Powered Truck or a Hummer H2?

A: Ram SRT10. Hummers are outdated and are socially unacceptable anymore.

Mopar or no car.

Q: Does the 2010 Hummer H2 SUT Luxury waste alot of gas in the city?
And how much does it cost does this SUT have a navigation system?

A: Well it doesn’t “waste” a lot of gas but it does use a lot. As for the navigation system it is a $1720 option from the factory. The base price for a 2009 luxury H2 SUT is $68,400. There is no 2010 model as the H2 production has been on hold for about a year now. It will pick up in the future after hummer’s sale is complete.

Q: Will the Chinese company that GM sold Hummer to continue to include a Jesus Fish with each Hummer H2 purchase?

A: Bad news buddy. I think they are replacing it with a Jesus Egg Roll.

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