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A: Fueleconomy.gov is very wrong. Ignore anyone who posts that like its word is the only truth. It’s merely a ballpark for fuel economy. It says my car can’t get more than 26 highway mpgs but I was up at 33 for about an hour just yesterday and usually average 29 highway miles doing 80+.

The Pilot gets about 18mpg in a suburban area and it’s not a gas guzzler. It’s actually one of the better large SUVs for its fuel economy.

However, if you don’t need the space, don’t get the SUV or at least get the CR-V which is more efficient and plenty spacious if you have one or two kids.

Q: Honda Pilot??
I have a 2001 civic right now, and I want something a little bigger and newer. I like the way the honda pilot looks, but I don’t know anything else a/b it. Anyone love it, anyone hate it?? pros and cons??? thanks!!

A: I just purchased a Honda Pilot this weekend…so far I am loving it…so I don’t have a lot of history to talk about…I was driving an Explorer Sport for years…it was a 1999 model…so I like the fact that this is a four door, I like the console, they have plenty of storage nooks, the ride is very comfortable…the inside space is roomy…the sound system is nice…the suv sits on a car chasity, so it rides more like a car than a truck…there are more features on it than i know how to operate so far….it is a 8 seater…right now i have 7 avail. and the 8th folded down to allow room for my son’s massive stroller. This is my first tank of gas, and I noticed that I have traveled 192 mi so far on this tank and the gage is reading a little less than a half…but by the sticker I think it gets 17/22 mpg….if you want to know more, let me know…the only con that I have found so far, is that I wanted my son’s car seat to be in the middle (safest place); but it didn’t appear to be designed to safely hold his seat there (according to the fire department); and outside of that the monthly note…but it appears to be a very safe car, several air bags; wide base to prevent an issue with rollover, etc…

Q: What should I do to get real good solution for Honda Pilot blew up engine?
I bought a new 08 Honda Pilot and the engine blew up at 3400 miles. Honda wants to just replace the engine and call the car fine. I feel that is not right for the car to lose it’s engine that early and more should be done by Honda to offer in such case. Any advice or suggestion is appreciated.

A: i would ask for a full warranty instead of losing 3400 miles at least..,

Q: Is the honda pilot a good family vehicle?
We have one little one and have two more on the way. We currently own a honda civic and love it, but with 3 car seats we need a vehicle with more room. We are looking at the honda pilot. Is it a good family vehicle that will also allow for storage ability. Is it safe? Any suggestions or recommendations for other vehicles also welcome.

A: Yes. I would also reccomend the Toyota Highlander Limited.

Q: How long will a Honda Pilot with 115k last?
I am looking to but a 2003 Honda Pilot with 115k on it. The timing belt just got changed, and it has been well taken care of(I am looking to buy from a friend bc she can’t pay the car payment anymore) I am going to be paying the note off which is $10,000. So is this a good deal or not? I know 115k isn’t alot for a honda but it just concerns me buying a vehicle with this many miles on it. Any suggestions on if this is a good deal or not…thanks so much!

A: The fresh timing belt is a big plus, its usually like 500-1000 bucks to get those replaced. I would say it is a good deal, its kind of on the high side but it sounds like your helping out a friend while your buying a car. But hondas usually last a long time, i dont know about the pilot personally and because they are fairly new (first gen was 2003) i havent seen any with a lot of miles on it, but drive it gently and keep up on regular maintainance and i’m sure it’ll last u 300k miles or more

Q: What kind of subwoofer is good for a 2007 Honda Pilot?
I just got a 2007 Honda Pilot LX so it only came with 4 speakers(Alpines). I was wondering what is the best subwoofer that is shallow enough but still big enough to get some DEEP bass and volume. Thanks.

A: kickerkomp and the sony xplode are both quality subwoofers. both of them cost alot, but you could find them cheap on ebay. well… cheaper.

the amplifier will cost you some and so will the box, but you can find all of that on ebay for cheaper than what some audio store would sell it to you for.

installation is simple, just a matter of getting the wires from a to b. good luck, but i think you will spend around 350 for the system.

Q: Can a 2007 honda pilot pull a 2 horse trailer?
I have a 2007 Ex 4 wheel drive honda pilot. Can it haul a trailer fit for 2 horses?

A: It’s trailer towing capacity is rated at 3,500 lbs. So I suggest you find out what the trailer + horses will weigh before throwing it on your car. 3,500 lbs is about the weight of many of todays Sedans.

Q: What is causing a whistle sound in a 2007 Honda Pilot?
I purchased a 2006 Honda Pilot and it worked fine for the first month, but now I noticing a whistle sound whenever accelerating or I press the gas pedal. I took it to the dealership and the mechanic laughed and said that it was the injectors. I didn’t belive the guy cause I didn’t hear it for a month and now I do. I am going to go back and make them check it.

A: I would look at your antennae, do you have any body accessory that is “catching” air… wipers…

the intake, where your filter connects, check that… think of an engine like an air pump… could be a number of things…

Q: how long does your honda pilot fuel tank last?
I am thinking of getting a honda pilot ex possibly a 2003 or 2004. Those of you who own one what do you think are you satisfied. I drive 10 miles to/back work. I go through the city.

A: how long it will last depends on your driving style, tank capacity, and engine efficiency.

its a pretty big vehicle and i think it only has a six cyl engine.

i imagine it would get pretty good mileage, but again; there are a lot of variables.

Q: How to program 07 honda pilot 3 fob buttons above rear view mirror to open garage?
i have an 07 honda pilot ex and there are 3 bottons just about rear view mirror with a picture of a house on one of them. i need to know how to program those buttons to open my garage.
i dont have an owners manual

A: Check your owners manual. I can guarantee that somewhere in there will be a guide on how to program it. When I did my truck I had to hit a button on the rear of the opener and a button inside the car at the same time. It took two people. cheers

Q: How do you remove/replace a tail light from a 2005 honda Pilot?
I was trying to look on the net for instructions on how to remove/replace a rear tail light for my 05 honda pilot but i have had no luck. Could someone possibly direct me to the correct place? Thank you.
I was refering to removing/replacing the entire tail light assembly itself.

A: Look in the owners manual page 210. Don’t have one? Try this link:


Q: How can I get more miles per gallon from my Honda Pilot?
Hey guys,
I drive a 2003 Honda Pilot 4WD EX-L (used to drive RAV4, but dad made me switch!) This thing basically weighs as much as a dead whale and handles like one, but my biggest complaint with this 5000lb behemoth is its poor gas mileage. My dad expects me to pay for gas, and I really don’t wanna start shelling $50+ everytime I gas up (I really put on the miles, driving to school and back, work, etc. Gas prices are above $3.15 in Connecticut). I drive conservatively (don’t want a ticket), yet the gas mileage leaves much to be desired.

Is there anything else I can do for more miles from my Pilot?
In case you’re wondering, no, I can’t trade it in for something for fuel-efficient.

A: Stop going hoggin and bringing home fat chicks.

Q: What is the 1st year they offered an Mp3/iPod aux input in the Honda Pilot?
I am interested in buying a Honda Pilot and can’t seem to find any information on what year and models offered an Mp3/iPod input. Also, if they offered it, which trim levels was it offered in? Thanks!
I have had 2 FM transmitters and the both suck. Sorry.

A: The 2007/8 had the option to get a Honda MusicLink, so 2009 is when it became standard to have an AUX input. You can do as I did and install an aftermarket interface: http://www.crutchfield.com/p_581PA11H2Y/USA-SPEC-Honda-iPod-Interface.html?tp=120 I installed one in my ‘03 Accord (since MusicLink wasn’t an option) and it’s been awesome.

Q: How do I get the film buildup off the windshield on my Honda Pilot?
Hey guys,
My Honda Pilot’s windshield (the cockpit side) has this really thin film of grease or something… I didn’t do anything bad, like I didn’t spill anything. I think everyone has this thin film, but my buildup is kinda visible at night, when the streetlights shine through and diffuse through the grease… does anyone know a good cleaning product, I tried Windex, but that’s for household purposes… not automotive applications.

A: Best window cleaner ever- 1 gallon hot water mix in 1 cup white vinegar and 2 tablespoons lemon joy dish soap. Use soft cloth and squeege to wipe off.

Q: How to turn off daytime running light- Honda pilot 2009?
I need advise on how I can turn off daytime running light on my Honda pilot 2009. I expected it off automatically with high sunshine but it still keep on.

A: You can just take out the two 10 amp fuses in the #12 and #13 slots located under the driver side fuse box, but doing that will cause the bright yellow DRL malfunction light to show on the instrument cluster.

To hide the DRL malfunction light on the cluster you would simply need to pull out the led light or cover it with a piece of black tape.

To disassemble the upper dash panel to get to your instrument cluster you’ll need to first pull off the side cover of the dash board and to get to it, you’ll need to keep the driver door open all the way. There is a screw that holds down the bottom half of the driver dash panel. You will then also need to pull out the left portion of the center console. Once you are able to remove this, you can pull the bottom half of the driver dash panel out. After this is pulled out, you can then pull the upper half of the driver dash panel out. This will give then give you access to take out the instrument cluster.

Once you get the instrument cluster out it’s a piece of cake and you can find out the rest from there.

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