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A: nissan more reliable and better on gas

Q: How to change the maker (parking) light on a 1995 Ford F-150?
I have a 1995 Ford F-150 (airodinamic frount) with a parking/marker light out (the one with a clear lense, orange bulb, next to the headlight above the blinker) and we can’t figure out how to change it? We can’t get to the bolts holding on the plastic/chrome peice off from the bottom (from going under the truck), can you take them out by removing the battary? Or can you remove the bulb by removing the battary?

A: To replace these bulbs you need to remove the headlamp door, this is the chrome part around the headlight. It is held on by 2 screws on the top and 2 nuts on the bottom, the nuts are on the engine side of the radiator support. Depending on what side you are doing you need to remove the battery or the washer/overflow reservoir assemble. Once you remove the nuts and screws the headlamp door will pull out with the park lamp assembles attached to it, after that it is just a matter of putting the new bulbs in.

Q: how much does it cost to get replacement brake pads on a Ford F-150?
I live in Anchorage Alaska and have a 95 extended cab Ford F-150 and the brake pads are gone, and starting to grind. how much does it cost, and where is the best place to get them replaced?

A: If you can hear them grinding you’ve likely ruined the front rotors as well. You’re looking at about $125 for each front wheel and about $40 for each rear wheel. So, about $350 total would be my guess. Do you have Meineke up there in the boondocks? They’ve always done a good job for me.

Q: what is the firing order for a 94 ford f 150 with 300 engine?
I need to know what the firing order of a 1994 ford F-150 with a 6 cylinder 300 engine

A: 1-5-3-6-2-4

Q: How has the Ford F-150 been able to be the best selling truck in 33 years?
Can anyone tell me how the Ford Motor Company accommodates and responds to the demands of each of the five business environments (i.e., economic & legal, technological, social, competitive, & global) in the manufacture and promotion of its F150 pickup truck brand. For example, what has Ford Motor Company done within the Competitive Environment to ensure that the F150 pick up truck maintains its 30+ years as the Amerca’s top selling pick up truck? How has the Ford Motor Company done to integrate the latest technology into its F150 pick up truck brand?

Thanks so much!

A: Ford has been in the truck business for 80+ years. They know how to build a truck people not only will want. But use as well. Ford trucks are generally a little more heavy duty than their GM or Chrysler Counterparts. Ford Pickups have a strong reputation of be solid and dependable. And they also consistently prove themselves in event’s like the Baja 1000 (Were Ford has numoros wins). Ford is very admint about building their trucks to do (Truck like things) Hence their class leading payload and towing capacity. Ford has almost always lead the 1/2 ton 3/4 and 1-ton truck market in being the most capable.

In short…When it come’s to trucks…(And cars to nowa days) Ford knows what they are doing.

Q: What stock wheels are interchangable on my 1990 Ford F-150 4WD?
I have the “rally” wheels and would like to switch over to some different stock Ford wheels. What years are interchangable?

A: just about any 5 lug ford except newer ones I’m not sure when they went to the metric lug patters i think it was 97 or 98 toyota rims should also fit on it

Q: How much does my 2002 Ford F-150 super crew tow?
I am thinking about buying a 2002 Ford F-150 Super Crew
5.4L V8 PFI SOHC 16V, and I want to know how much the truck can tow?
please tell me what you know.

A: Just call the local Ford dealer and ask. I would get the answer directly from Ford, just to be safe. After you find out what the truck can truly tow, you can go to http://www.drawtite.com/ and look for trailer hitches. They have hitches with different ratings.

Hope this helps!

Q: Where is the oil sending unit to a 1995 f 150 ford V8?
Have look where it should be.

A: Only a wild guess, but the most common spot is near the oil filter mounting boss…over the years, they have been placed back near the transmission flange, on top front (and back) of the engine too.

Q: What Do You Rate The 1996 Ford F-150 Extended Cab?
i own the 1996 ford f-150 extended cab and iwould like to see what you rate it and why?

A: i’m going with an 8. the gas mileage could be better. overall, it’s the best truck on the road. that thing will run forever if you take care of it.

Q: What kind of power does my 2006 Ford F-150 XLT crew cab have in the engine?
I drive a 2006 Ford F150 XLT crew cab completely stock. What kind of power does it have and what sort of towing capacity does it have. Also what is it’s projected top speed with 93 octane gasoline?

A: With 4.6L it will have 231 HP. With the 5.4L it will have 300 HP. Towing capacity will vary with rear end ratio, payload package selection, whether or not it has the factory towing package, which engine it has, 4WD Vs. 2WD, etc. But ballpark would be around 5000 pounds for the 4.6L with the 3.08 or 3.31 rear end to up around 9000 pounds for the 5.4L with HD payload package, towing package and 3.73 or 4.10 gears.

As for speed. IIRC there is a governor on these trucks that limits top speed to under 100 MPH. These vehicles are not fast even with the 5.4L they are rather lethargic in stock form. The 4.6L is a joke in the 04-08 models. The 04-08’s weigh around 400-800+ pounds more than the previous 97-03 trucks. Realistically I wouldn’t tow more than 5000-6000 pounds with a 5.4L truck and probably wouldn’t tow anything other than maybe a jetski with a 4.6L truck

Both engines were designed to run on 87 octane. Using 93 octane will yield no benefit with the stock tune.

Q: How do you install a horn on a 2005 Ford F-150?
My horn went out, and I bought a new one. I just don’t know how to install it. I know it’s behind one of the fenders, but that’s about it.

2005 Ford F-150 XLT RegCab
Let’s just say the high pitched horn went out. I can’t take it to the dealer since it’s over 36,000 miles. I just need to know where the horn is located. thnx

A: horn went out on a two year old truck? you replace it by driving down to the dealer and show him the warranty paper work!

Q: What wheels are interchangeable for a 2000 Ford F-150?
I am looking to buy used wheels for my 2000 F-150 4×4. What other truck wheels will fit? Jeep Limted, all Jeeps etc? I am not sure if the wheels must be from a Ford Motor Co. or not, any help is appreciated, thanx.

A: Your bolt pattern is 5×135mm

practically any wheel that has that bolt pattern will fit (you may need to pay attention to back spacing, and brake caliper clearance)

jeep rims wont fit. they have different bolt patterns (5×114.3, 5×127)

Q: What is the ignition timing for a 1978 ford f 150 400 v8?
I need to know the timing for a Ford F150 400 V8 Engine. 1978 Year. Timing is way off and I dont know what I need to set it to.

A: 6 minumum, 10 maximum, set the timing with the vacuum disconnected and plugged.

try this site for firing order and cylinder numbering.. dist turns CC, so turn it clockwise to advance the timing.. you can road tune it by turning it a tiny bit at a time and testing it for ping, when it starts to ping, back off a skosh..

Q: 2001 Ford F-150, What audio system should I get?
I have a 2001 Ford F-150 Supercrew and would like to get a nice soundsystem for it. I already have a nice stereo so I don’t want to change that. But what speakers, amps, and subs, should i get, also what else should I install to make it sound as nice as possible for the least amount of money?


A: hey man I have that truck also, I have a 2005 Re Audio XXX 15 and a Sundown Audio SAZ1500D. I’m the loudest in my town, beating people with 4 speaker setups.

Q: Where can i find a gear shifting knob for a 1986 Ford F-150?
I want to get my Boyfriend a gear shifting knob for his Ford F-150 and don’t know where to get one

A: I buy all my truck parts for my 1994 F-150 at www.LMCTRUCKS.com they have all the basic neccesities including what your looking for… their based in KS so you if you want the parts ASAP you will need some extra dough to get them fast through UPS… .

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